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Southern California Orthopedic Institute
So this is a site related to a real orthopedic medical center. There is a section called the "Patient Education Center", and it has a great summary and graphics of some of the major skeletal body parts, like the knee, hip, hand, spine, ankle, elbow and shoulder.

There are some great animations too - most of them focused on medical conditions, but they give great up-close views and explanations.
This site separates out each of the systems in the human body (skeletal, digestive, muscular, etc) and gives some great illustrations and realistic animations.
All in all a good site - with one drawback - there's quite a bit of advertising, and some of it is mixed in pretty tightly with the content - so just be sure you're clicking on the content links and not ads. If you can get by this problem, it's really a very informative site.