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Readers Advisory

Looking for recommendations? Check below!

Click for Beach Reads Booklist PDFBeach Reads

Need a light read for the beach? Or a page-turner while you sit by the pool?

Check out some recommendations here. 


Charming Characters of a Certain AgeClick for Charming Characters Booklist PDF

Wisdom and adventures - of the senior senior sort!

All titles on this list feature characters of a particular age and experience.


Click for Chilling Thrillers Booklist PDFChilling Thrillers

Do you like a good detective story, or a psychological thriller?

Check this list for great reads.


Click for Cozy Mystery Booklist PDFCozy Mystery

If you love a good mystery that isn’t too dark, or you like your murders with a theme, then we suggest you investigate these titles.


Diverse ReadsClick for Diverse Reads Booklist PDF

Explore fiction written by a different ethnicity, orientation, gender, or family background from yourself.



FantasyClick for Fantasy Booklist PDF

Dive into a new universe, or explore a parallel one - filled with witches, vampires, dragons, magic and fae. These aren't the fairy tales of your childhood!


Click for Gentle Reads Booklist PDFGentle Reads

If you want a good, old-fashioned story set in a charming location and filled with wholesome people, these are the books for you!


Click for Historical Fiction Booklist PDFHistorical Fiction

Check here for stories of a time gone by, of decades and times far before this one. 



Click for Historical Mysteries Booklist PDFHistorical Mysteries

Murders & mysteries, sleuths & spies, Victorian London & Nazi Germany.

If you like history and bit of suspense, check out this list!


Click for Humor Booklist PDFReady for a chuckle?

Check here for humorous reads, dark comedies, and real life giggles.



Click for Love Stories Booklist PDFLove Stories

Stories that explore romantic love, in both light-hearted and serious forms.



Click for Military Thrillers Booklist PDFMilitary Thrillers

Thrilling picks for readers who crave action and war/espionage plots featuring branches of the armed forces, CIA, FBI, and more.


Click for Mystery Booklist PDFMysterys & Thrillers

Do you like a good detective story, or a psychological thriller? Check this list for great reads



Click for Readalikes Booklist PDFReadalikes

If you like a certain books by certain authors, check out this list for others kinds of reads you might like



Click for Science Fiction Booklist PDFScience Fiction

Space travel, artificial intelligence, advanced technologies - explore the outer fringes of science and possibility.


Click for Survival and Rescue Booklist PDFSurvival and Rescue

Do you true life tales of survivors, of harrowing resuce? Want some fictional tales of people surviving catastrophic situations? Check out this list.


Click for True Crime Booklist PDFTrue Crime

True stories and based-on-a-true story of crime, murder, mahem and other "ripped-from-the-headlines" stories.


Click for Uplifting Lit Booklist PDFUplifting Lit

Happy and joyfilled books to raise your spirit!