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Frequently Asked Questions


What is a Book Buddy?

  • A Book Buddy is a patron who has a favorite author or series, and commits to purchasing for the library (and at our deeply discounted price) the next book released by their favorite.When the book arrives at the library, the Book Buddy gets the book first, and has a special bookplate in the book recognizing them for their contribution. 

How do I become a Book Buddy?

  • You can become a book buddy by filling out this form.

How do I get my Book Buddy Book?

  • When your book is ready at the library, we will contact you using your preferred contact method, and you can come pay for and check-out your book!

How do I pay for my Book Buddy book?

  • You can pay for your book with cash, check, or credit card!

So, is the book mine forever?

  • You can check the book out when it's first released, but the book does belong to the library. Your Book Buddy book will have a bookplate showing the contribution you made to the library.