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Donate in the Memory of Loved Ones

Would you like to make a donation in the memory of friends or loved ones?

Click below to make a donation or one time gift through Paypal.

You can leave the name of the person you wish to make a donation in memory of when you check out.  

Material Donations

Policy (please read before making donation)

Gift Policy (non-monetary)


Gilford library employees on behalf of the Library Trustees are authorized to accept one box of donations of materials which may be offered to the library for public purpose. 


The library shall consider gifts of materials for the collection by the same criteria as stated in the Materials Selection Policy.  The materials will be checked in the library catalog and checked for condition if the library already owns copies.  Materials added to the collection may be subsequently withdrawn when they are worn or when their content is no longer current. All items that are not added to the collection will go to The Friends of the Library for the annual book sale on Old Home Day or sold on Amazon if deemed more valuable.


The Library does not accept Condensed Reader’s Digest books, old news magazines, encyclopedias, or materials that are not clean and in good condition. 


Only one box at a time will be accepted between the hours of 10:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m., Monday through Friday.  


If you need a receipt for tax purposes, the library will provide one.  The library cannot, however, assign a dollar value to your donation.