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Volunteer Opportunities


I am the volunteer coordinator here at the library, and I am so excited to have the opportunity to work with our wonderful volunteers! Speaking of an opportunity, perhaps we have an one for you?
Library volunteers do many and varied tasks that suit their time and talent. Their contributions to the library are immeasurable and are so appreciated by the library staff.

Here's a list of some of the ways volunteers are currently helping:

     * Cover new materials
     * Shelve materials
     * "Read" the shelves
     * Cut out items for story time
     * Share flower arrangements from their gardens
     * Cut out bookmarks for new patrons
     * Help with children's programs (Dr. Seuss' Birthday Party, gingerbread house construction, etc.)
     * Clean audiovisual cases before re-circulation

Do you have computer skills? Have you always wanted to know how we cover our books? Has this helped generate an idea of something you might like to share with the library? I welcome your input. I can be reached by calling 524-6042 or via e-mail:

You are welcome to download and print the Volunteer Application Form.

See you at the library!


Volunteer Newsletter June 2024