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Recycle Right

January 7th, 2020

Have questions about Gilford's NEW mandatory recycling policy? Want to learn what materials you can take to the Gilford Solid Waste Center (GSWC)? Would you like to reduce your household trash with easy steps? Molly Harper and Megan Theriault, Director of Public Works, go over the GSWC recycling details, offer easy ways to remember what goes where. Recycling may be easier than you think! We'll teach you how...

Loons with Loon Preservation Committee

October 10, 2019

Have you ever wondered why a loon’s eyes are red? Why loon chicks ride on their parents’ backs? What loons are saying with those eerie calls in the night? Join biologist Caroline Hughes as she talks about this unique symbol of New Hampshire’s wild lakes and its special place in the hearts of New Hampshire residents. Caroline will talk about loons, challenges facing loons, and the Loon Preservation Committee’s work to safeguard New Hampshire’s threatened loon population.

Raymond Suarez, MD Presents Not To Be Forgotten

October 3, 2019

What is dementia? How does it affect your life, and what can you do about it? Gilford resident Raymond Suarez, MD from Genesis Behavioral Health answered questions and spoke on the decline in memory and impaired brain judgement that compromises dementia.

Author Abi Maxwell shares her book The Den

May 30, 2019

She's done it again! Gilford Library's own Abi Maxwell shared her new book The Den, described as 'Tantalizing.....a deeply satisfying, haunting work of literary fiction." in Booklist.

Robert Perrault Presents Grace Before Peyton Place

April 16, 2019

Grace DeRepentigny Metalious believed that in rejecting her own ethnic and religious heritage, she would come closer to inheriting the "American Dream." Her Quebecois ancestry and her formative years in Manchester reveal aspects of the author that the public rarely knew. Robert Perreault focuses on Metalious's most autobiographical and ethnically-oriented but little-known novel, No Adam in Eden. Robert B. Perreault has worked as a research assistant/oral history interviewer, librarian/archivist, freelance writer, historical tour guide, public speaker, photographer, and conversational French teacher to promote Manchester's history and New England's Franco-American culture since 1973. His works of nonfiction and fiction, written in French, in English or in both languages, include seven books and more than 160 articles, essays, and short stories published in the US, Canada and France. Perreault holds an MA in French with specialization in New England Franco-American studies from Rhode Island College and an MFA in Creative Writing/Fiction from Southern New Hampshire University. In June 2012, Manchester's Centre Franco-Américain named him "Franco-American of the Year." This program is sponsored by the NH Humanities.

Moonshine Narratives by Scott Hutchison

April 4, 2019

Scott T. Hutchison, Gilford High School's own Creative Writing Teacher, read poems from his newest book of poetry, Moonshine Narratives. With relatable, narrative style, Scott reads poetry that is immediately accessible and familiar.

200 Years of Canterbury Shaker History

November 8, 2018

Learn about who the Canterbury Shakers were and explore aspects of their daily life, work, and worship. Shakers resided at Canterbury for 200 years - learn why Shakerism was the most successful utopian experiment in America

The Great Sheep Boom

September 13, 2018

The Great Sheep Boom in the early 19th century changed the landscape of New Hampshire for generations. Hundreds of thousands of sheep once roamed the hillsides yielding wool for sale and trade. Business was rapidly growing, and with it architecture and infrastructure, like the stone walls, to match. The industry was doomed by out of state competition and shifts in demand, changing the economy and source of prosperity for years to come. Steve Taylor visited the Gilford Public Library on Thursday, September 13th from 6:30-7:30pm to share the little known history of the Great Sheep Boom. This was a joint program with the Thompson-Ames Historical Society.

Death in the White Mountains

June 26, 2018

Author Julie Boardman presents at the Gilford Public Library on the historical deaths in the White Mountains, the common themes among them, and how best to avoid tragedy. She draws upon the research done for her book by the same name.

Tales from the Home of the World's Worst Weather

Bitter cold, dense fog, heavy snow, and record winds: Mount Washington is known worldwide for its unpredictable and dangerous weather. For a mountain its size, why is Mt. Washington called the “Home of the World’s Worst Weather”?

Join Mount Washington Observatory's Will Broussard for an investigation into the unique life and work of weather observers stationed at the observatory year-round. We will explore how the mountain's weather works and what it can tell us about New England’s own weather patterns. This program will include interactive demonstrations, weather instruments, stunning photography, and video footage from the summit. This exciting program is appropriate for adults and children alike.

Put on by the Friends of the Gilford Public Library.  

Soul Pine Pottery with Molly Harper

March 15, 2018

Description: Maybe you've seen her at the library, or at the Framer's Market, or seen her work on Facebook or on a friend's table! Molly Harper, potter and owner of Soul Pine Pottery will be here to talk about her work, being a small business owner, and what being a potter means.