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Living a an Active Life with Healthy Feet

w/ Dr. Tyler from Awakening Chiropractic

Come to this informative class all about our feet! Did you know a quarter of all the bones in your body reside in your feet? Our feet are designed to carry us throughout our lives. In this class we will be discussing everything from biomechanics, to footwear, to home exercises, and more. If you have feet you aren't going to want to miss this one!

Pickling with Food Educator Sam Pike

Learn how to pickle and lactoferment everything from your garden, to preserve all your produce for the winter. During the workshop you'll get to sample a variety of pickled vegetables!


Exploring Forgetfulness as We Age

All of us probably experienced occasional episodes of forgetfulness, however there are differences between typical age-related forgetfulness and dementia-related illness. Find out if forgetfulness is a natural part of aging or something you can improve. Learn how to keep your brain and your memory in shape.

Living Life with a Healthy Neck

In this awesome, informative class we learn all about how to optimize your neck posture and neck health. Surprisingly, poor posture is related to incontinence, poor digestion, and constipation (Harvard Health Letter, 2018). Don't ignore your neck health. Come to this class presented by Awakening Chiropractic to learn more!

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