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That Reminds me of a Story

Stories speak to us of community. They hold our history and reflect our identity. Rebecca Rule has made it her mission over the last 20 years to collect stories of New Hampshire, especially those that reflect what's special about this rocky old place. She'll tell some of those stories - her favorites are the funny ones - and invite audience members to contribute a few stories of their own. This is a NH Humanities Program.

The Road to WWII

WWII did not start with a single attack on Pearl Harbor, Hawaii. Learn to origins of the conflict in the Pacific from the yes of those intimately involved. What did America know before the attack? What fueled Japan’s aggression and expansionist tendencies. How did nationalism influence the trajectory of the War. Please join Peggy Hennelly-Maniates, Executive Director of the Wright Museum of WWII in Wolfeboro, NH for and in depth look at the many roads that led us to war in the Pacific.

Hiking Safety w/ Lakes Region Search and Rescue

Kim Lesnewski, President of Lakes Region Search and Rescue, is offering an informational class on hike safety and Search and Rescue efforts in New Hampshire. She will also discuss hiking with kids and some best practices to keep it fun and safe for them. Lakes Region Search & Rescue was formed in 2019 to respond to a need for assistance on wilderness search and rescue missions in the Southern White Mountains and Lakes Region of New Hampshire. The teams mission is to assist Fish and Game in their role as SAR coordinators in the state. Our team is activated through call outs from Fish and Game.

Edible Wild Plants & Mushrooms of the Lakes Region

The Lakes Region is home to over 70 species of edible wild plants, some of which are more nutritious and/or flavorful than their cultivated counterparts, and dozens of species of edible mushrooms. Join Russ Cohen, expert forager and author of Wild Plants I Have Known...and Eaten, for a 90-minute slide show entitled "Edible Wild Plants and Mushrooms in and around the Capital Region". It covers over three dozen of the tastiest species the region has to offer. These range from plants everyone knows well, like Daisies and Dandelions, to plants they may never have even heard of, like Calamus and Carrion Flower. About a dozen tasty wild mushroom species will be covered as well, including morels in the spring, black trumpet chanterelles in the summer, and hen-of-the-woods in the fall. Russ will present information for each species on identification tips, edible portion(s), season(s) of availability and preparation methods, along with general guidelines for safe and environmentally-responsible foraging.

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